Leadership and Performance Coaching

When your teams develop their potential and leverage your competitive advantages, you win.

We partner with you and develop customized programs to fit your needs.  Our coaches have extensive industry experience, so they understand your perspective, so your team delivers lasting results.  Our workshops develop ownership, commitment, and motivation, leveraging from our GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Win) framework focused on your own goals, culture, and capabilities.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Align the needs, goals and style of your organization with the strengths and development goals of your leaders.  After this module, new and experienced leaders develop their personal leadership strategy where they can motivate their teams and deliver top results leveraging from their own style and background.

Career Coaching

High-Performance Coaching

Develop your leaders to achieve their true potential.  Using customized 360 evaluations, leaders learn in a tangible way the impact of their interactions with their direct reports, other teams and their own leaders.  This awareness creates new opportunities for action and stronger results.

Team Coaching

Team Productivity

Define the goals for your team, and the role of each team member to make it happen.  Discuss on all the deliverables for new projects, or a new quarter.  Agree on the desired outcomes for the team and coordinate the interactions for each member using times, success metrics, and the GROW framework.