Leveraging from GROW coaching for your organization

Our GROW framework starts your goals in mind and uses a discovery process to drive actions, ownership and success.

Our GROW Framework

Using traditional approaches like training or consulting, the team's learning is limited to the delivery of the trainer.  The GROW approach leverages from the abilities and knowledge from the team members and develops an environment of ownership, confidence, and continuous learning.

Training and consulting may deliver quick results, but their impact is not lasting.  In other instances, the solutions defined by consulting services do not fit the culture, abilities, or goals of the organization, and are not implemented.

In a GROW program, the participants define the priorities and goals of the engagement because they understand better than anyone their organization and its resources.  The participants discuss what works best in their group, and develop together new perspectives.  The goals and plans are suitable to the organization and its abilities to accomplish it.  The process drives engagement and the participants are fully committed to their action plan.  This approach has staying power.

Comparing the GROW Framework

With training or consulting, you pay each time you want something done, and keep on paying until the teams buy on the idea.  With WINvicta GROW, you pay when you want to instill a "think and collaborate" culture in your team… and that culture delivers unbounded results for years to come.