Executive Coaching

Pilar Somohano

Principal at WINvicta

Beyond my corporate achievements, I decided to use my executive experience to help professionals like you find fulfillment in their career and balance in life.  That is how I started WINvicta… and by helping you achieve your goals, I reach a higher level of satisfaction and balance in my own life.

Think of that dream that you keep postponing, and let's work together to break barriers so you can achieve your goals and enjoy the life satisfaction you deserve.


As a high performance executive, I lead teams to achieve goals that may seem impossible to others.  I take pride in mentoring brilliant professionals to help them grow.

I specialize in team leadership, innovation, strategy, project planning and business operations.  For more than 20 years, I have led teams in companies like AT&T, Juniper Networks, and Cisco Systems.  We have launched new solutions, conquered new markets and optimized efficiencies.

Delivering innovation, traveling the world and working with outstanding people, I have the insight into the key success factors that will allow you to thrive professionally.