Team Coaching

Thrive in Change

For organizations experiencing change through workforce reductions, marketplace evolution, shift of geographical focus and other strategic decisions, this program engages participants on the corporate vision and helps rebuild confidence, motivation, and satisfaction.

The program takes a methodical approach where participants start by facing their feelings towards the change, then…

Module 1

Strategic Direction Session

The WINvicta coach meets with the management team to understand the immediate and long-term view for the organization.  In this discussion, the management team defines the goals for the workgroup and measures of success.  In the session, the management team and the coach work to develop the proper framing and messaging for the program participants.

Module 2

Change Workshop

The participants join this 2-day workshop where they emerge from their initial reactions towards a constructive attitude based on the vision, mutual support, and personal goals.

Facing Change

  • Share reactions and feelings towards change.
  • Internalize the drivers and need for change in corporations.
  • Define requirements to develop a confident environment.

Living the Vision

  • Engage in the shaping process of the corporate vision.
  • Discover the opportunities emerging from the vision.
  • Design actions to leverage from the opportunities.
  • Develop strong team collaboration to regain confidence and focus.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants put their anxieties on a second plane, and instead, focus on achieving their newly set goals and professional growth.