Career Coaching

High-Performance Coaching

This program is designed for professionals who have not achieved their potential at their role, or who do not align properly with the expectations or culture of their organization.

The most important aspect of this program is that it is based on a customized 360 evaluation, where the inputs are directly related to the participant's responsibilities and success factors.  This custom evaluation provides a focused approach that enables accelerated alignment and effective development for the participant.

Module 1

Manager Alignment

The WINvicta coach conducts an interview with the direct manager of the participant to discuss the specific expectations for the role, the shortcomings of the individual and the main stakeholders for the success of this role.

Module 2

360 Evaluation

The coach designs a custom 360 evaluation survey focused on the specific success factors for the participant's role.  To ensure timely and comprehensive response, the stakeholders join a 30-minute session where they complete their survey inputs.  Separately, the manager and the participant fill and submit their 360 surveys.  With all these inputs, the coach discusses with the manager desired outcomes, and designs a coaching plan for the participant.

Module 3

Participant Coaching

The participant receives anonymized results from his survey, and designs an action plan leveraging the guidance of the WINvicta coach.  During this process, the participant develops the plan, evaluates progress and adopts the most effective approaches.  The key elements of this interaction are…

  • Align the participant's view of the role with his manager's and stakeholders'.
  • Compare the current 360 results to the ideal needs of the role.
  • Define the outcomes that will deliver success.
  • Build confidence by understanding initial strengths.
  • Discover motivation for development.
  • Create action plans to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Evaluate the results of actions and refine the action plans.

During this outcome-oriented process, the participant is focused on achieving results and developing abilities rather than failures that can be detrimental to motivation.

Module 4

Sync and Closure

The coach meets with the manager to present the developments achieved during the coaching period and prepare a communication plan for the participant.  After that, the participant, the manager and the coach meet to discuss the progress of the participant during the coaching process.  If the results are satisfactory, the manager and participant define a plan to ensure continued performance.  If there are unmet goals, the manager and participant discuss additional development needs, or a possible separation.