Team Coaching

Team Productivity

This is a program designed to accelerate the integration of new teams and leverage individual talents towards a common goal.  This is also a useful program for teams that experience friction or organizations under change to re-engage team members.

The program combines a project-focused approach using tools like the GROW framework, and fun exercises based on personality type analysis to develop the rapport necessary for team members to understand the mindset of others and learn how to work productively with them.

Module 1

Personality Type Analysis

Each participant completes a personality type analysis survey and receives a report explaining strengths, weaknesses, interactions, and professional tendencies.  This exercise is a foundation for the dynamics of the workshop.

Module 2

Team Workshop

The participants and their leader join this 3-day workshop where they discuss the goals of their team, the abilities of the team members, and the best way to leverage from them to achieve results.

Team Goals

  • Discuss the vision and purpose of the team.
  • List the activities needed to achieve the vision.
  • Understand the dependencies between the actions.
  • Define the timelines and owners for the actions (GROW framework).
  • Establish the metrics that the team will use to measure achievement.

Personalities and Interactions

  • Introduce the personality type concepts and applications.
  • Discuss the personality type of the participants in their organizational context.
  • Participate in live exercises to demonstrate the differences in communication, action, and participation styles.
  • Identify strengths and blind spots.

At the end of the workshop, each the team member has a clear action plan aligned to the overall team needs and environment.  During the interactions, the team members understand personality differences and learn to approach them in a productive way.  The exercises build collaborative bonds and a unified vision between team members to create motivated and productive environments.