Best practices in the application of consulting and coaching


Consulting is the most suitable approach when the internal team lacks expertise on a subject.  For example, if an organization wants to enter a new market or technology, the consultants provide the necessary expertise on technical matters, market evaluations, or discovering penetration strategies.


Coaching is about developing people and teams by resolving challenges and developing a vision.  When an organization needs to design a path for growth and success, coaches partner with the organization in a thought provoking and creative process that helps groups to define the goals of their organization, design actions to reach them, foster self-commitment and develop their professional potential.

The examples below explain the type of projects better suited for coaching or consulting engagements:

⇒   Case 1:  A success story:  Using phased application of coaching and consulting

⇒   Case 2:  Consulting gone wrong:  A team was not engaged with the solution, so it failed