Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

This program is focused on developing high-potential participants to plan and prepare for their career growth while ensuring success for the individual and top results for the organization.

This program is unique because it combines a customized approach to fit the needs of each organization with a proven framework for the formation of leaders.  This focus on corporate needs maximizes the success potential for the participants and the organization.

Additionally, the program invites participants to evaluate their degree of commitment to increased responsibility and it provides an environment to showcase the true potential of the participants.

Module 1

Leadership Alignment

The WINvicta coach conducts interviews with corporate leaders to understand the vision, expectations for future leaders, and the unique culture of the organization.  During these sessions, the leaders and the coach discuss which areas would experience higher needs for future leaders and the time horizons for potential opportunities.

Module 2

Leadership Workshop

The high-potential participants join a 3-day hands-on workshop, where they…

  • Understand the responsibilities and lifestyle demands of diverse career stages.
  • Explore the individual motivations for growth.
  • Discuss the cultural and organizational factors of success.
  • Identify interesting target roles to develop focused abilities.
  • Learn about different leadership styles to define their own.
  • Simulate their reactions to diverse leadership situations.
  • Discover their unique value to the organization.
  • Define an individual development plan.

At the end of the workshop, the coach provides feedback to the leadership team about the potential of each participant based on their display of skills. The coach also reports the development plan for each of the participants.

Module 3

360 Evaluation and Coaching

Each participant receives relevant feedback from his key stakeholders about strengths and development opportunities.  With this, each participant holds 1:1 executive coaching sessions where he develops an action plan to define specific professional goals, continue developing skills, and identify his leadership mentors and stakeholders.