Team Coaching


WINvicta specializes in delivering customized solutions to maximize the productivity of organizations.

We can work with you to design a program that fits your needs.  Some areas of specialization are:


Diversity Programs

Facilitate understanding of generational, gender and global diversity for productivity.

Conflict Resolution

Turn conflict energy into a productive engine for your organization.

Individual Coaching

Support the development process of individuals through goal setting and motivation to achieve results.

Resident Coach

Mid/long term engagement to support team dynamics on a semi-permanent basis.

Custom Team Events

Develop team dynamics to maximize productivity of summits and team events.

Winning the Job Search Race

Outplacement program for professionals after a layoff helps the participants to drive responses from new employers and accelerate results.  This program provides a personalized approach and is based on real-life experiences of coaches and program participants.

Assessment and development tools

  • 360-Degree Leadership Effectiveness surveys and analysis
  • Personality and temperament surveys with team dynamics workshops
  • GROW Framework

Contact us to discuss your needs and design a customized plan.